Florida, Kansas Eyeing Pump Sales

Officials in Florida and Kansas said they would continue to investigate reports of price gouging at the pumps and, in some cases, are already pursuing legal action against retailers.

The Florida State attorney general has subpoenaed two Central Florida gas stations for possible price gouging after last week's terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

The gas stations under state investigation in the Sunshine state are the Rightway Food Store in Orange County, which is accused of raising prices 10 cents a gallon after the attacks, and a Speedway, also in Orange County, which is accused of raising prices 12 cents a gallon.

The Speedway's manager declined comment, and the manager of the Rightway denied accusations of price gouging, according to WESH in Orlando.

The state is now asking all convenience stores to substantiate alleged price increases since last week's attacks. There are some circumstances that allow gas stations to raise their prices.

"If any of these gas stations could show us that they did, indeed, incur an increased cost, then they would be permitted to charge that price. We think that's unlikely because these are all the subject of complaints Tuesday afternoon," said Jackie Dowd, a spokeswoman for the Florida Attorney General's office.

Stores can't raise their prices before receiving a new delivery of gasoline, Dowd said. In all, the state has subpoenaed 24 gas stations and has received 371 complaints of price gouging statewide.

In Kansas, the Wyandotte County district attorney is going after gas stations and convenience stores that allegedly increased prices following last Tuesday's attacks.

The district attorney has filed cases against 10 stations: eight in Kansas City and two in Bonner Springs, Kan. Each could face penalties of up to $10,000 for each violation.
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