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Foodservice Employees Want Recognition More Than Money

A new study of employees at FoodBrand, a national restaurant company with a brand portfolio of 30 major brands including Subway, Burger King, Starbucks and Tony Roma's, indicates that employee pride is by far the most important driver of restaurant employee satisfaction, the company reported.

Wages ranked surprisingly low, prompting FoodBrand executives to re-examine the way they train and motivate their staff. The findings also have implications for the restaurant industry in general because of FoodBrand's national presence and the variety of brands in its portfolio.

"Like most companies in the foodservice industry, we wanted to understand what can improve employee satisfaction and limit turnover," explained FoodBrand's director of human resources, Tina Root. "We were a little surprised with the results, but 92 percent of our employees answered the survey so the data is extremely reliable."

The study found that being “proud to say you work at FoodBrand” is by far the most important driver of employee satisfaction. Other factors included co-worker relationships, job enjoyment, supervisor performance and freedom to participate in decision-making.

"This study is definitely going to have an impact on the way we train and motivate our staff," said Root. "Tell Us About Us's online reporting platform gives our managers access to the results, ensuring that everyone is working from the same information. It provides the infrastructure for a highly responsive, decentralized solution."

Tell Us About Us Inc., a single-source customer and business intelligence provider, conducted the employee survey as part of a larger customer-feedback system it developed for FoodBrand.

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