Former Marsh President Accused of Misspending

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Former Marsh President Accused of Misspending

INDIANAPOLIS -- Marsh Supermarkets, operator of 148 Village Pantry convenience stores, alleges that former president David Marsh squandered half a million dollars from the company's petty cash fund to finance family trips to New Zealand and Africa, among other personal uses, without reimbursing the fund, The Associated Press reported.

The allegations, made in a legal filing last week, are in response to the former executive's lawsuit against the company, which claim that it owes him $34,000 in severance pay. Marsh was fired in February when the company was courting a buyer. He earned a salary of $440,000 as the company's president and chief operating officer, the report stated.

The company fired Marsh as subject to further investigation that might result in a termination for justifiable cause, the report stated. Following this, an investigation found evidence that Marsh conducted "improper acts," the company stated in the filing at the U.S. District Court in Indianapolis.

"Had Marsh Supermarkets known of his conduct, it would have terminated Mr. Marsh for cause," it continued. The filing asks the judge to pay damages up to $1.5 million, triple the actual amount taken, the report stated.

The company did not elaborate on other spending or other trips taken.

Lawyers for both sides declined to comment on Marsh's termination or the filing. The company's lawyer, Linda Cooley, told the AP "These things will run their course in litigation."

Marsh operates 67 Marsh Supermarkets, 31 LoBill Foods, six O'Malia's Food Markets and 148 Village Pantry convenience stores.