Free Gasoline Offer or Consumer Scam?

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Free Gasoline Offer or Consumer Scam?

09/12/2006 promises $100 worth of free gas for consumers who sign up on the site, but reports state that the stations whose logos are shown on the Web site have no idea of the program.

According to the Web site, by trying one of a partner's free sample or trial product, including an application for a credit card, the partner will send information to the Web site and registered members will receive a confirmation email and a $10 certificate from gas stations, up to 10 times a year.

The gas logos are used on the Web site -- Exxon, Speedway, 76, Shamrock, Shell, FINA, Hess, Texaco, BP, Sunoco and Esso -- but some have stated that they are not affiliated with the program, much to the dismay of customers seeking tankfuls of free gasoline.

CSNews Online's attempts to confirm affiliated stations by contacting were not returned. In addition, emails sent to the company's support address, [email protected], were not returned, and bounced back noting that the email address does not exist.