Fuel Rewards Program Hits Half-Billion-Dollar Milestone

DALLAS — The Fuel Rewards loyalty program recently hit the half-billion-dollar milestone in savings after less than three years. Since the program launched in 2012, American consumers have saved $500 million on the price of fuel at participating Shell and other select fuel stations around the nation.

Fuel Rewards now has five million members and a national network of participants that includes more than 10,000 restaurants, 1,400-plus retail locations and nearly 700 online merchants.

"The ability to save money regularly on a commodity product that most Americans need has proven to be both popular among consumers and a powerful tool to increase sales and improve customer retention for our merchants that issue Fuel Rewards," said Brandon Logsdon, president and CEO of Excentus Corp., which owns and operates the Fuel Rewards program.

Fuel Rewards members still purchase more fuel even when gas prices are low, due to the increased buying power that lower fuel prices provide and their ability to earn cents-off-per-gallon rewards each time they shop at participating merchants, restaurants and retailers nationwide, the company said. Their rewards are redeemed at more than 11,000 Shell and other select gas stations.

"In less than three years, we've proven the value of our loyalty program, which rewards consumers with a universal currency when they shop for everyday items at their favorite brands, retailers, restaurants and stores by helping them save money on a necessary commodity — fuel," Logsdon added. "We're confident this $500-million milestone is a sign of continued growth for our retail participants and for millions of American consumers who enjoy saving money on fuel so they can spend more on life."

Fuel Rewards is currently offering a Winter Shopping promotion that offers members incentives for shopping at Olive Garden, Toys "R" Us and JCPenney while using a MasterCard linked to their Fuel Rewards account. Members can earn up to 40 cents off per gallon in sign-up and card-linking bonuses, plus 20 cents off per gallon for every $100 spent with any linked MasterCard at the participating merchants through March 1.

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