Gas Dips Below $2 Across Nation

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Gas Dips Below $2 Across Nation

Across the nation, gas prices have fallen below industry experts' predictions as they creep towards $2 a gallon. In some areas prices have fallen below that mark, as low as $1.87 in Swedesboro, N.J. -- further confirming a prediction made by Gulf Oil CEO Joe Petrowski on CSNews Online that gasoline prices were likely to drop in the coming months.

With Thanksgiving nearly two months away, gas prices have taken an even steeper drop than experts expected. AAA reports that the nation's average price was $2.356 yesterday, a drop of nearly 50 cents since last month's nationwide average.

In some places around the U.S. gas prices have already fallen past the $2 mark. In Gainesville, Va., a Wawa was selling regular unleaded for $1.94 a gallon on Tuesday and had every one of its 16 pumps backed up with eager drivers. Over the past week, regular gas has been priced at $1.97 a gallon, according to the stores assistant manager John Latif. "We keep up with the competition," Latif told the Potomac News. "[the prices] have been making people happy. [Competitors] go down and we follow."

Gas signs around Roanoke, Va. have also been sporting the price of $1.99 a gallon. The last time that prices were that low in the area was on Dec. 9, reported the Roanoke Times. But drivers there, although happy that prices have fallen, were skeptical about the time that it would stay low. "Wait till after the election; it's going to go back up. It's just a game," Allen Salicoff of Christiansburg, Va., told the paper.

In Macon, Ga. gas prices have fallen below the $2 mark as well. A Sam’s Club there was selling gas for $1.92 a gallon last week, reported This is the lowest price since Dec. 3, when the average price fell to $1.90.

Fort Smith, Ark. also saw prices of $1.99 a gallon. The state has not seen prices that low in more than a year, reported.

The lowest price yet might be in Swedesboro, N.J. at a Wawa station that let its prices fall to $1.87, reported the Trentonian. Other retailers across the southern end of the state have been pricing regular gasoline at $1.95, the newspaper reported.