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Gas Station Opened in 1938 Closes Its Doors

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- Tuesday morning was the last time Don Haffner, the boss of Haffner's Store & Service at Cliff Avenue and Rice Street in Sioux Falls, would beat the sunrise to unlock the doors, turn on the lights and get the coffee started, as the gas station and convenience store closed its doors after 66 years of service, reported the Sioux Falls-based Argus Leader.

Midwest Oil Co., owner of the land and station since 1938, is expected to finalize sale of the property today to Olson Oil Co., owner of the Get 'N' Go locations.

Haffner leased the auto-repair and gas station until the 1970s. He switched to a management role when Midwest dumped auto repairs and rebuilt the business as a gas station and convenience store.

Longtime customers stopped by Monday to say goodbye to the man who ran the station for 45 years. Changes since 1959 include soaring gas prices, up from a low of 19 cents per gallon, Haffner said, and the shift from auto repair to convenience store services.

With the sale of the station, Midwest Oil is leaving the convenience store/gas station business. "We're selling the location, but Don moving on is not something we like to see," said Midwest owner Brad Dyar. "I was his only boss all that time."

Midwest now will concentrate on its bulk fuel oil and delivery business, based in Sioux Falls. Dyar's grandfather started the business in 1927.

"I have no bad memories of anything here," Haffner said. "I made many, many good customer friends here."
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