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Georgia C-stores Eligible for Lighting Retrofit Grants

ATLANTA -- The Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA) awarded a $450,000 grant to the Georgia Association of Convenience Stores (GACS) and Outlaw Consulting to conduct lighting retrofit projects at convenience stores throughout the state.

Under the program, a revolving fund will be established to finance projects chosen in an annual competitive process administered by Outlaw Consulting in partnership with GACS for at least three years, the association reported. GACS members will pay no upfront installation costs and will only pay for measured savings after installation for six quarters, after which all additional savings will accrue to the member.

"We were excited to learn that our program has been chosen in a very competitive process. Our members will have an opportunity to lower their energy costs with no upfront capital investment," said GACS membership chairman, Neal Anderson, of Clyde's Markets, Glennville, Ga.

A total of 125 grant applications were received by GEFA and 16 grants were made. GACS and Outlaw Consulting were selected as part of the Commercial Energy Efficiency Grant Program. The GEFA press release is available on its Web site.

GACS members should be able to begin making applications for the program grants in March.

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