Georgia Oil Holdings Debuts Carbon Neutral Gas

ATLANTA — Georgia Oil Holdings introduced Carbon Neutral Gasoline at four area gas stations here operating under the BP banner. It is the first retailer to pilot the new fuel.

Carbon Neutral Gasoline, a product of GreenPrint LLC via its ZERO Clean Driving program, is intended to enable drivers to dramatically reduce their daily carbon footprint.

“We believe that offering Carbon Neutral Gasoline has the potential to be a tremendous win-win for petroleum retailers, like us, and for consumers,” said Mark Murgash, a senior executive with Georgia Oil Holdings. "Just like community recycling programs that have made it easy for tens of millions of people to do the right thing by simply placing their bottles and cans on the curb on trash day, we're confident that a program that makes it convenient for people who want to offset their carbon footprint when they fill their tank will be quickly embraced by consumers — and has the potential to differentiate us from our competitors.”

Carbon Neutral Gasoline is currently available at the following pilot locations:

  • BP Station #3700 Old Alabama BP Station, Alpharetta, Ga.;
  • BP Station #1465 Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell, Ga.;
  • BP Station #610 Spring Street NW (at North Avenue), Atlanta; and
  • BP Station #5018 Peachtree Industrial, Chamblee, Ga.

"With no complex changes to the existing pump or gasoline mixture, customers can now neutralize their vehicle’s emissions by planting a tree locally when they purchase ZERO, Carbon Neutral Gasoline," said GreenPrint CEO Peter Davis. "Our patent-pending technology will enable people to drive away from the pump with not only a full tank, but a clear conscience, too.”

Davis added that electric vehicles and alternative fuels could be prominent in the future, "but until the cost and technology enables broader adoption, we see carbon-neutral gasoline as the only viable bridge to a sustainable future."

Atlanta-based GreenPrint LLC allows consumers to drive their cars, heat their homes and live their daily lives without leaving a carbon footprint.

Georgia Oil Holdings, also based in Atlanta, is a division of Arizona, Georgia & Florida Oil Holdings LLC, which operates convenience stores and gas stations primarily in the Phoenix, Atlanta and Orlando, Fla., areas.

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