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Georgia Renews with Wright Express

The State of Georgia has renewed its contract with Wright Express for the company's universal fleet charge card, which state fleet drivers use to purchase fuel and vehicle maintenance services.

The contract covers the state's 20,000-vehicle fleet, including cars, vans, medium and heavy-duty trucks, tractors and trailers, said Michael Merget, Manager of Motor Transport Services with the state's Department of Administrative Services. The card also is used to fuel the aircraft and boats operated by various state agencies.

About 200 Georgia state agencies run fleets of a few vehicles to fleets of several hundred vehicles, Merget said. Each agency fleet manager can go on the Internet to track their fleet's activity and make changes in vehicles and drivers. The fleet managers receive regular vehicle activity reports and Merget receives a major fleet activity report. The reports detail purchasing information and highlight exceptions to the state's purchasing policies.

Wright Express's service to Georgia includes tax-exempt billing and reporting. This program, which bills tax-exempt fleets net of applicable taxes and reports taxes that cannot be exempted, reduces accounting and administrative time and provides full reporting of purchase data and tax exemption.
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