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GoE Guys Get North Dakotans Excited about Ethanol

VALLEY CITY, N.D. -- GoE, North Dakota's own brand of ethanol-blended fuel, launched the GoE Summer Road Trip in an effort to raise awareness and encourage North Dakotans to use ethanol-blended fuels in their cars, boats and lawn mowers.

The Valley City (N.D.) Times-Record reported that this past weekend, the “GoE Guys” paid for $20 of E10 ethanol fuel for one lucky customer at the Cenex convenience store in Valley City. It was one of their first stops on their road trip around the state in which they've been spreading the word about the benefits of North Dakota ethanol.

The GoE Guys, three gregarious college students in a white car, decked out in GoE decor, are taking to the roads of North Dakota on three separate weekends in June, July and August. They are in search of fun and unusual events and sites found only in North Dakota, and along the way, will commit "random acts of ethanol."

They stop at local petroleum retailers to buy lucky drivers a tank full of GoE fuel. Their antics and adventures will be chronicled in an online Web log (blog) and through posted photos on the GoE Web site at

In addition to the random acts of ethanol, the GoE Guys will encourage all North Dakotans with a valid driver's license to register to win a year's supply of GoE either in person or online, according to the Times-Record.

"The GoE Summer Road Trip is an unexpected and fun way to help raise awareness about ethanol's benefits for the economy and the environment," said Kim Christianson, program manager of the State Energy Office. "The GoE Guys are hitting the highways of North Dakota to help remind people to make ethanol their fuel of choice as they enjoy the summer driving season."

GoE was launched in spring of 2004 as part of a comprehensive, statewide marketing campaign to increase ethanol consumption in the state.

The goal of the campaign is to increase sales of ethanol, such as E-10 and E-85, and other renewable fuels.

"This online marketing effort is the perfect medium to let everyone participate in the GoE Summer Road Trip," said Christianson. "It's dynamic and entertaining, and we hope it will encourage North Dakotans to GoE this summer." features a wealth of information about ethanol and its production, benefits to the state's economy, pollution facts and statistics.

During the summer months, the site will feature the GoE Summer Road Trip including a Web log and photographs from the GoE Guys' Summer Road Trip Adventures, bios on the GoE Guys, and maps and tentative schedules for the GoE Guys' Road Trip. The site will also have ideas for games to play in the car during a road trip, and registration to win a year's supply of GoE fuel.

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