Grizzly Moist Snuff Turns 10

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Grizzly Moist Snuff Turns 10


MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Ten years after going to market, Grizzly moist snuff is marking its first decade by commanding 26.7 percent of the moist smokeless category.

The tobacco brand was initially launched by Conwood Co. (the forerunner of American Snuff Co.) in September 2001 as a no-frills, high-quality moist snuff product. In the early days, Grizzly came in two styles: Long Cut Wintergreen and Fine Cut Natural. Within five years, four subsequent styles -- Long Cut Straight, Long Cut Mint, Long Cut Natural and Fine Cut Wintergreen -- joined the product line, according to a release from American Snuff Co., a Reynolds American Co. operating company.

Today, the Grizzly line also includes Grizzly Snuff and Grizzly Wintergreen Pouches.

According to American Snuff figures, the Grizzly brand accounts for 43.7 percent of the volume of all the Long Cut Wintergreen products on the market. In addition, its Wintergreen Pouches make up 45. 1 percent of all Wintergreen Pouches for sale, the company stated.

In related news, American Snuff Co., which has been a locally headquartered company since 1900, is putting the finishing touches on a new 787,500-square-foot manufacturing facility in Memphis. It has also recently expanded its operations in Clarksville, Tenn.