GSP Forms Retail Site Intelligence Company

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Retail services provider GSP announced its formation of a new company, AccuStore, which is based on its site profile management software and site profiling services.

"We're excited to be starting a new chapter with AccuStore," said GSP and now AccuStore CEO Geoff Neuhoff. "After 35-plus years of collaborating with a wide variety of retailers, we've come to understand that top-performing retailers really want to know their stores, from top to bottom."

Maintaining that site-level intelligence, however, gets harder as companies grow, according to Neuhoff. So, AccuStore is a new retail site intelligence company that will help consumer-facing businesses with multiple units reduce spending and accelerate growth through customized site profiling capabilities and an enhanced store profile technology that allows retailers to build and maintain a central repository of site-level details.

AccuStore's technology features a built-in survey tool and full-screen web interface that serves as a platform to monitor and maintain site-specific data, GSP reported.

"We now have a number of retailers who know us for our site profiling capabilities and technology alone, and a growing number of our employees are focused on site intelligence. So, we thought it made sense to create the AccuStore brand," Neuhoff noted. "We could not be more grateful for our loyal clients who inspire us to strive even harder to improve retail. We are now ready to help clients grow their business on multiple levels."

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