Gulf Oil Completes Rebranding, Upgrades on Mass Turnpike

NEWTON, Mass. -- During the holiday travel season, drivers noticed a new face at rest areas along the Massachusetts Turnpike as Gulf Oil LP announced the completion of a major rebranding and service station project along the Turnpike. The Mass Turnpike locations also serve as the company's launching platform for its Gulf Sunrise Gasoline and Retail Centers featuring the Gulf Express convenience store. 

The updated and refreshed Gulf logo now graces 11 highway locations. The old orange and blue brand has been modernized by adding a bed of clouds around it, evoking a lofty Sunrise theme, the company stated. Motorists have access to some of the most advanced fuel dispensers on the market, offering a faster experience.

Also updated was the credit-card processing time; a driver's credit card will now go through in just four seconds.

"We are not just a gas supplier anymore," Joseph Petrowski, Gulf Oil president and CEO, said in a statement. "We are creating gasoline retail centers that help to enhance the customer experience, and Gulf Express is the cornerstone of that endeavor."

Gulf is rolling out this classic image across the Northeast. With ownership of more than 2,400 stations, drivers will see more station makeovers in the months to come.
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