Gull Petroleum Aims to Revolutionize Convenience

WEST PERTH, Australia -- Gull Petroleum, based here, is focusing on alternative energy, including developing electric cars, and looking to revolutionize convenience retailing, according to a report in Business Review Australia.

Gull Petroleum’s Chairman Neil Rae said the company is working to be green, “always looking for new sustainable initiatives and ideas that can become part of our business, and our customers.”

Rae told the news organization the Australian company is exploring a number of energy sources, including making fuel from milk, solar power and wind power, and ways consumers can store and conserve energy.

Gull Petroleum, a family-owned company, introduced biofuels to the Western Australian and New Zealand markets in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, according to the report. By 1984, Gull had expanded its business to 35 outlets through low cost management, prudent investment decisions and a carefully planned marketing strategy. Gull now operates a network of more than 100 service stations in Western Australia and more than 30 in New Zealand.

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