Halo 3 Hits a Bump at 7-Eleven

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Halo 3 Hits a Bump at 7-Eleven

DALLAS -- 7-Eleven had planned on joining numerous retailers in a midnight launch of the first person shooter game Halo 3, but its plans were dashed at some locations, when a delivery error caused the games not to arrive in time for the launch, Gamespot.com reported.

A representative with 7-Eleven told GameSpot the company's distributor erroneously sent out part of its allocated games using second-day delivery, instead of overnight express.

However, the representative assured that the "vast majority" of participating stores received copies of the game as planned, the report stated. About half of the company's stores were involved in the Halo 3 promotion, according to the Web site.

While 7-Eleven spokeswoman Margaret Chabris would not disclose the number of stores affected by the error, she did tell CSNews Online that an "overwhelming majority" of stores did receive the game by midnight of the release.

In spite of the mistake, the company will continue to sell Halo 3, and is looking at a selection of other games to sell in its stores for 2008, according to the report.

"We did some research early last year of our core customers, mostly male 18 to 34," the representative told the Web site, "and asked what they liked to do best with their leisure time. Without a doubt, the top three responses were movies, sports, and computer and video games."

Any customers that can not find the Halo 3 game can call the retailer's customer-service hotline at (800) 255-0711, the report stated.