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Heineken USA Spotlights LEED Gold Certification

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Heineken USA released its 2011 Sustainability Report, which outlines the beer importer's progress last year in regards to its "Brewing a Better Future" initiative. Among the accomplishments noted in the report is the bestowal of LEED gold certification for the company's recently renovated corporate headquarters in White Plains, N.Y.

Other 2011 highlights include:

  • Heineken USA's introduction of a high-mileage hybrid car into its U.S. corporate fleet;
  • Its sponsorship of Taxi Magic, a digital platform that helps consumers conveniently book and pay for a taxi ride home after an evening out, which provided more than 900,000 taxi rides to consumers; and
  • Collaboration with members of the Waltham, Mass.-based Responsible Retailing Forum to publish practices to reduce alcohol sales to minors.

"We maintain a long view and seriously consider how our business treats our communities and neighbors," Heineken USA President and CEO Dolf van den Brink stated, adding that the company remains committed to building upon its "Brewing a Better Future" platform.

This initiative, introduced in 2010, has ushered in a new era of focus on sustainability for the company. Based on input from a broad set of stakeholders, "Brewing a Better Future" provides Amsterdam-based Heineken with a clear roadmap, furthering its aim to be the "World's Greenest International Brewer."

The initiative's strategic imperatives are to continuously improve the environmental impact of Heineken's brands and business, to empower the company's people and the communities in which it operates, and to positively influence the role of beer in society.

"At Heineken USA, we lead 20 programs that by 2020 will bring our words 'Brewing a Better Future' to life in partnership with our key stakeholders," said Stacey Tank, senior vice president and chief corporate relations officer. "These 20 programs demonstrate our values and commitment to people and society."

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