Highlands Override Transitions Fuel Rewards Program to Excentus

DALLAS -- Highlands Override Inc., a network of retailers that offer fuel discounts based on purchases, is transitioning its operations to Excentus Corp., provider of the fuelperks! rewards program and private label fuel rewards technology and services, according to an Excentus statement.

During the transition and integration, Excentus intends to support the existing Override program without service interruption as agreed with Override’s participants.

"We are excited about this opportunity to work with Override’s program participants as we continue to enjoy the rapid growth of our fuel rewards business," said Dickson Perry, chairman and CEO of Excentus. "We believe Override’s decision further strengthens our place as the clear market leader through providing our successful fuelperks! program and the breadth of our fuel rewards systems and service offerings.”

"The opportunity to provide business and program continuity to Override’s retail participants is a real privilege; we are hopeful and optimistic that we can establish a long-term relationship with all of these retailers within our fuelperks! reward program or through a private-label program relationship," added Brandon Logsdon, executive vice president and general manager of Excentus.

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