Honey Farms Develops Web-Based Training

WORCESTER, Mass. - Honey Farms launched a new partnership to bring online training services to their employees. The company will work with Ready Training Inc. (RTO), a full-service online training company, and Targeted Solutions, a convenience petroleum consulting company, to build cost-effective, Web-based training programs tailor made for Honey Farms employees and managers, the retailer reported.

"We’re excited to be launching an industry specific e-learning curriculum for our employees," David Murdock, executive vice president for Honey Farms said in a released statement. "By utilizing the industry knowledge of Targeted Solutions and RTO’s Web-based training technology, we can provide new associates a unique blended learning experience."

Tom Hart, founder and CEO of Targeted Solutions, a top-to-bottom consulting firm for the industry noted: "I’m proud to be part of this team to develop an educational offering for Honey Farms." Hart said, "With our latest innovative program, ‘Guide to Success – The First 24 Hours’, we’ll be able to offer an HR solution to guide both trainers and trainees to a successful start during the on-boarding process."

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