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Hot Stuff Foods Launches New Line of Sandwiches, Opens New Stores

Hot Stuff Foods has introduced Hot Stuff Foods Market Selects sandwiches and subs this month, with unique breads and specialty meats, the company reported.

The sandwiches were developed by chefs on staff at Hot Stuff Foods using artisan breads like sun-dried tomato, Parmesan herb and potato chive, along with meats that offer enhanced flavors like peppered turkey, honey ham and slow-cooked roast beef.

"Just because you're in a hurry, doesn't mean your taste buds have to suffer," said Des Hague, president, CEO and director of Hot Stuff Foods in Sioux Falls, SD. "These new sandwiches will make your local convenience store a destination for more than just filling your car."

Hot Stuff Foods has researched consumers on the go and their eating habits over the last two decades and found that 90 percent of the population purchases portable convenience foods. In fact, dashboard dining and eating on the go has generated a record $15.2 billion-dollar annual business for convenience stores nationwide.

"Hot Stuff Foods is dedicated to providing today's time-conscious consumers with tasty choices for food on the go," explained Hague. "With Hot Stuff Foods Market Selects, we have raised the bar to provide convenience store consumers with a new level of high quality, gourmet sandwiches."

Hot Stuff also announced that the company partnered with 50 more c-stores during the month of June to open units or upgrade existing ones.

“Now is a great time for our partners who are committed to executing successful foodservice,” said Hague. “We just launched our Hot Stuff Foods Market Selects sandwich concept after a very successful pilot. We are making a major push to let our retailers' customers know about this great addition. We just ran a nationwide half-page ad in USA Today exclusively to direct readers to their nearest c-store with a Hot Stuff location.”

Hague reported that the new units also include two additional menu items which recently received the “thumbs up” during pilot tests -- Hot Stuff XXL Chinese Rollz and Cheesy Garlic Bread. “Our retailer partners now have so many choices for their frequent customers,” said Hague. “From our great Hot Stuff Pizza to our new '4-Baggar' line (which includes Caffé Origin coffee/LifeSavers frozen beverages, Cheesy Garlic Bread, XXL Chinese Rollz and Hot Stuff Market Selects) to a full line of breakfast items and more, we literally have something for just about everyone.”

Hot Stuff Foods franchises and/or licenses its branded food concepts in more than 1,600 locations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. In addition to Hot Stuff Pizza, Hot Stuff Food On the Go and Hot Stuff Food Xpress, Hot Stuff Foods offers a number of individual and bundled brands in various categories including Smash Hit Subs, Summit Subs, C-Street Bakery, Mean Gene's Burgers, Mean Gene's Pizza, Stone Willy's Pizza, Moose Bros. Pizza, Eddie Pepper's, Asian Creations, Chix Chicken, Nap Hendrix's Southern Grill and Caffé Origins Coffee.
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