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How to Retain Employees and Customers with Engagement Tech

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C-stores are facing massive shifts in the industry. The turnover rate for store managers has tripled in the last four years. A growing electric vehicle industry threatens to drive customers away from the fuel pump. And a shift toward healthier, fresh-made food has placed additional pressures on the industry to evolve. That's why the top brands are investing in engagement technology that nurtures relationships with customers and staff, promotes growth, and helps deliver the brand promise.

Paytronix Senior Loyalty Strategist Donnie Fairbanks and Paytronix Content Specialist Ryan DiLello will discuss tips and strategies from Paytronix's industry-leading research in loyalty, online ordering, and artificial intelligence. Learn how the right engagement strategies, paired with technology, can simplify operations for staff, maximize returns on marketing investments, and grow your brand.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to leverage loyalty to retain your staff and customers: loyalty goes both ways!
  • Online ordering operational essentials: so easy, even the smallest players can win big!
  • Engagement innovations: self-checkout, subscriptions, and more!


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