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How Will EV Charging Disrupt Convenience Retail?

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Convenience Retail is facing fierce competition from nearby dollar stores, supermarkets with a fuel station, and smaller-format food sellers. To counter this, adding EV charging stations could give C-stores a new competitive edge and an additional source of revenue. However, investments in EV charging are significant, and could easily reach 10,000 USD per charging station for purchasing and installing a charger, preparing the infrastructure and connecting a charger to the grid. So, how to tackle this?

In this webinar, three experts coming from the retail and the e-mobility industry will discuss challenges and opportunities for C-Stores with regards to offering EV charging to their customers. They will look at trends in both the convenience retail and EV charging industry. They will link these to a number of key considerations for retailers to take into account before investing in EV charging, which will help retailers to better assess the business case for their own C-stores. In addition, the panelists will take a closer look at the various parties involved in the entire EV charging value chain, and discuss various types of charging technologies, necessary infrastructural changes, and business continuity requirements