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Idaho C-stores Raise Stink Over Unfair Swipe Fees

NAMPA, Idaho -- A new grassroots effort launched by convenience store chain Stinker Stations is seeking to fight interchange fees, a percentage tacked on to every purchase made with a credit or debit card, and paid by the merchant.

Charley Jones, co-owner of Stinker Stations, told area television station Fox 12 News that the fees are unfair, and that's why he and other c-stores and gas stations across the state started a petition drive to ask Congress to act. After payroll, Stinker Station's largest expense is credit card fees.

"I think it's outrageous. We have to up the price of everything in the store, just to make up for it. Whether you're paying cash or credit, you end up paying for it," Jerry Pfeiffer, a Stinker Station employee, said in the report.

Jones wants the credit card companies to negotiate with his company, but, Visa and MasterCard won't even do that, he told the station.

"[Credit card companies] are robbing America, they're robbing citizens, their neighbors, their brothers," area resident Coco Orsland said in the report. She signed the petition, and supports Stinker Stations and its efforts.

"I just think it's an unnecessary charge, it's electronically deducted. I think we already spend enough, it's just another charge; I know the economy is rough but, it's another charge that they can tack on," she said.

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