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Illinois Firm Takes Aim at Huck's, Big Tobacco

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. -- Chicago-based law firm Korrein Tillery's target plaintiffs in three new consumer fraud lawsuits -- one seeking more than $1.15 million -- are Huck's Convenience Stores, Brown & Williamson Tobacco and R.J. Reynolds, reported the Madison County Record.

A mammoth $10.1 billion judgment against Philip Morris USA, in which attorney Stephen Tillery was the original plaintiff's attorney, garnered $1.7 billion in legal fees for the St. Louis attorney last year.

Debra and James Mills filed a 23-count lawsuit, claiming Debra, who was diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2002, received higher levels of tar and nicotine than the defendants represented.

The suit claims Debra started smoking as a teenager and the cancer was caused by using both Kool Lights and Doral Lights Menthol tobacco products as intended. Mills claims she purchased and consumed more than 40 Kool Light cigarettes a day for 20 years, and then more than 40 Doral Lights Menthol cigarettes a day for four years.

Debra and James, according to the complaint, are looking to receive a reasonable and equitable sum necessary to confer jurisdiction upon the Circuit Judge Division of the court, plus costs of suit and attorney fees from Huck's, Brown & Williamson and R.J. Reynolds.

Barbara Sandrowski of Collinsville, Ill., is another plaintiff represented by Korrein Tillery, who filed two separate, but similar lawsuits on Monday. One is against Philip Morris USA and another against Huck's.

Sandrowski alleges she was diagnosed with lung cancer in July, 2000, after smoking approximately 40 Marlboro Lights cigarettes a day for 17 years. Her five-count suit alleges consumer fraud.
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