Illinois Town to Restrict Cigarette Displays

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. -- Arlington Heights is taking steps to restrict how tobacco products are displayed and sold. It's part of an effort to keep them out of the hands of minors.

While the exact language and restrictions have yet to be decided, town trustees agreed the measure should:
* Restrict displays of tobacco products to behind a sales or service counter.
* Require face-to-face sales of tobacco.
* Mandate that those who sell tobacco be at least 18 years old.

Trustees also agreed the measure should adopt a ban on cigarette vending machines, according to the Daily (Chicago) Herald.

According to town health officials, 59 businesses are licensed to sell tobacco products. Of those, self-service cigarette displays were seen only in liquor stores and specialty tobacco shops -- whose customers must be 21 and 18, respectively.
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