Indiana C-store Association Fights Fuel Tax Hike

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association (IPCA) is launching a campaign against a potential fuel tax hike that will place ads atop gas pumps throughout the state. The ads will feature contact information for state lawmakers and encourage drivers to oppose the change.

The proposed increase in fuel taxes is a Republican-led plan to pay for infrastructure repairs. It would raise fuel prices by at least 10 cents per gallon, according to the Associated Press.

"Our message was getting lost," stated Scott Imus, executive director, IPCA. "Our association is not the most powerful in town, but the one thing we do have is we see customers — thousands of them."

According to Imus, if the fuel tax increase goes through, IPCA members could suffer, particularly those that border other states. He stated that industry figures show that Indiana's fuel tax burden would be higher than border states Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Illinois, and that drivers would have a strong incentive to cross state lines to fill up their tanks.

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma is leading the fuel tax proposal, while House Minority Leader Scott Pelath announced an alternative infrastructure funding plan that would not affect gas prices on Feb. 6.

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