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Industry Tech Vendors Awarded

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. -- Tranax Technologies, a leading developer of ATMs and self-service kiosks, has been selected by global growth consulting company Frost & Sullivan to receive the Growth Strategy Leadership Award for its exceptional ability to drive market leadership in the highly competitive North American ATM market, the company reported.

"Tranax has become the premier provider of ATMs to the merchant retail market," said Rufus Connell, director of research at Frost & Sullivan. "Over the past decade the entrepreneurial company has built its significant presence, and has grown exceptionally fast. Its success is based on the company’s ability to provide a high-quality, high-value-added, low cost solution in a highly competitive marketplace. Tranax has combined its technology, experience and manufacturing capabilities to provide product offerings ranging from its highly successful Mini-Bank Series to its Self Service Terminals."

The Frost & Sullivan Award for Growth Strategy Leadership is presented each year to the company that has demonstrated an exceptional growth within their industry and whose strategy will have a lasting impact on its marketplace in terms of market share, revenue growth, profitability and innovation.

The award is based on many key factors including the recipient's ability to grow in a saturated or maturing market, to implement a unique sales strategy, its technological innovation and leadership, customer service and strategic product development. It recognizes Tranax's proven ability to execute along all these dimensions within the highly competitive merchant ATM industry.

"Tranax is honored to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan for helping to lead the ATM industry during a very competitive period of growth," said Dr. Hansup Kwon, founder and chief executive officer of Tranax. "The award serves to validate our delivering high quality, highly reliable products at a lower price and backing them up with an unparalleled level of support."

In other award news, GFX Dynamics, provider of dynamic digital signage and "first-of-breed" RFID-inspired smart products, walked away with two out of the six awards presented at last month's Digital Retailing Expo award ceremony. which was held on May 17th in Rosemont, Ill., the company reported.

GFX Dynamics was awarded Best In Class for creative content in a retail setting that was produced for fashion designer Lara Miller as well as for Interactivity Innovation for their SmartTable installation at Canada’s No. 1 retailer, Nygard International in Toronto, Canada.

A team of editors from VM+SD (Visual Merchandising and Store Design) Magazine judged the awards.

"We are pleased to be recognized for our ongoing contribution to the digital signage industry," said Angela Tomlinson, president of GFX Dynamics. "Our Smart products, leading-edge RFID technology, proprietary software and retail focused content are designed to optimize the shopping experience for both the consumer and the retailer, while at the same time offer the retailer a layer of business intelligence that identifies what works and what doesn’t. It’s a real win/win for the customer/retailer relationship," Tomlinson added.

The Best In Class and Interactivity Innovation awards from the Digital Retailing Expo comes on the heels of the 2006 DigiAward, Excellence In Innovation, recently presented to GFX Dynamics in March by the Digital Signage Group.