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SOLANA BEACH, Calif. -- 21st Century Oil has tabbed Irvine, calif.-based Westec InterActive to provide remote management and security solutions for its convenience stores throughout Southern California.

The systems allows the company to remotely manage the 16 units via closed-circuit TV (CCTV) cameras and a 2-way audio system that allows Westec's Visual Communication Center to be in visual and audio contact with the 21st Century Oil locations.

The stores, all branded ARCO, Chevron or Union 76, each have up to 16 security cameras, which provide security coverage both inside the convenience stores and outside at the gas pumps.

"With the Westec system, our employees are able to push a button and immediately have someone there with them," said Tim Finnerty, vice president of operations for 21st Century Oil. "Since the first system was installed in San Diego, we've seen a significant decrease in incidents, and our employees feel safer."

21st Century Oil has also been able to catch and prosecute individuals who have vandalized the facilities, including damaging gas pumps, by capturing video of the crime along with the perpetrators' license plate numbers. Having cameras outside has also helped reduce gas drive-offs.

"Westec's remote access software allows us to resolve problems and ensure that all is running smoothly, without having to physically drive out to each location," Finnerty added.