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TAIPEI, TAIWAN -- Taxicab drivers in Taiwan are turning their vehicles into mini convenience stores--selling a wide variety of products from their cabs, reported United Evening News .

In Taiwan, the use of taxis as a venue to sell items is becoming increasingly common. Some taxicab drivers have decided to use their taxis as a storefront to sell various small items to augment their income, noting that the extra money helps cover the cost of cab rental and gasoline, according to the report.

Some members of the public have told the newspaper that when they get in a taxi, the drivers try to get them to buy various things, such as tea or small bags of rice. One taxi driver has decided to offer things that would be attractive to young people such as the new cell phone accessories, a source told United Evening News . The source noted that cabbies will sell anything from spring onions to CDs and condoms.

"Whether you want to buy anything is up to you," a source told United Evening News .