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LONDON -- New research from consulting firm HIM shows that British c-store customers increase their rings by 65 percent after using an in-store ATM machine. The study also found that the removal of an ATM could have a detrimental effect on business, as 1 in 10 people stated they would shop elsewhere in that case, according to a report on

"The research confirms our long held belief that cash machines in convenience stores have a positive impact on day to day business levels. Increased revenue and improved customer numbers make a compelling argument for retailers to consider installing a cash machine," said Graham Mott, spokesperson for LINK Interchange Network Limited, a UK-based ATM-operating company.

"It was also very interesting to find that many shoppers now expect to see a cash machine in their local store and will actually be disappointed not to have access to their cash," Mott continued. "We fully appreciate the important role in-store machines now play in expanding the cash machine network, and for many people they provide easy access to cash in convenient and accessible locations."

Over two thirds of consumers (68%) now assume cash machines will be provided in store and expressed disappointment when there was no in-store access to cash, the study said. Cash machines also have a positive impact on 'footfall' numbers as they attract more customer visits to a store than the sale of magazines or sandwiches.

Free ATM access is crucial, however. LINK statistics show that the average free cash machine does 15-20 times more cash-withdrawal transactions then the average charging machine. While the average number of transactions at free ATMs has risen over the past years, the average number of transactions at surcharging ATMs has fallen.