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TOKYO, Japan -- Sales at Japan's convenience stores fell for the seventh consecutive year, down 2.4 percent from a year earlier on a same-store sales basis, to 6,668.97 billion yen ($54.9 billion USD), reported Japan Economic Newswire, citing an industry association's report.

Store footfalls slid 1.6 percent to 11,307.54 million shoppers, while basket totals fell .6 percent to 575.4 yen per visit, or $4.74 USD, the report stated. However, sales on a total-store basis rose 7,265.15 billion yen ($59.77 billion USD).

In December, sales dropped for the six consecutive month by .2 percent on a same store basis, to 592.01 billion yen, or $4.88 billion USD. Warmer weather caused a .5 percent increase in traffic to 950.04 million on a same store basis, the first time the number rose in 10 months, while rings remained stagnant at 608.4 yen, slightly more than $5 USD, the report stated.

Sales of hot pork and buns were sluggish in December. However, ice cream sales were brisk due to the warmer weather, the organization stated. Sales on an all-store basis rose 2.3 percent to 642.94 billion yen ($5.3 billion USD).