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NEW YORK -- PR-7 Inc., an operator of 14 7-Eleven convenience stores in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with rights to develop the brand in the Caribbean, recruited delivery management solutions company UDS Group to create (877) 7-ELEVEN and implement the company's proprietary customer relations management solution for 7-Elevens operated by PR-7 and parent company Prime Time Group Inc., systemwide.

"We are delighted that we will have a centralized easy-to-remember number, (877) 7-ELEVEN for the customer relations management program," said Johnny Ray Arnold, chairman of Prime Time Group. "The specific [customer relations management] that UDS has developed has very powerful applications, all of which will be great enhancements for our customers' experience with our company.

"It is of the utmost importance to us that the company provides the highest standards of customer service. The toll free (877) 7-ELEVEN, when launched, will be the perfect avenue for our clients to reach us with any special requests, compliments or concerns."

As part of the agreement, UDS will field all of 7-Eleven's customer relations questions at (877) 7-ELEVEN.

"We will be launching the (877) 7-ELEVEN number very shortly and will make a public announcement when it is on line for clients of PR-7's 7-Eleven convenience stores," said Ryan Coblin, CEO of UDS. "This will be a fantastic and powerful tool for both the clients and management of PR-7's 7-Eleven locations."

Meanwhile, 7-Eleven stores operated in Norway and Sweden by Reitan Servicehandel deployed Retalix Ltd.'s enterprise software solutions to improve operations and management at the 185 store locations. Reitan Servicehandel already installed Retailix solutions at its other retail chains including Narvesen in Norway and Pressbyran in Sweden.

"We decided to expand the deployment of Retalix StorePoint to include our 7-Eleven stores because of the system's extensive functionality at the point of sale, as well as the tight central control and integrated data flow between the stores and the Retalix head office solution," Olav Nfss of Reitan Servicehandel said in a written statement. "With Retalix StorePoint, our customers enjoy faster and easier service when they visit our stores."

Using Retailix StorePoint, the program gives functionality and flexibility to support business initiatives at store locations, while the Retailix head office solution provides price management, sales reporting and margin analysis at the central management level.

In Norway, Retailix partnered with Wincor Nixdorf Norway for the contract, where Wincor provided the hardware, project management of rollout and support.

"The Reitan group has been a Retailix customer and partner since 2000, and I am delighted to see our partnership grow into their 7-Eleven stores too," said Barry Shaked, president and CEO of Retalix. "We view Scandinavia as an important market in Europe, and the rollout of our solutions in 7-Eleven Scandinavia further strengthens our position in this market."