Iowa C-Store Association Fights Federal Tax Increase

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Iowa C-Store Association Fights Federal Tax Increase

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores Association of Iowa is planning to take a stand against the proposed 61-cent per pack increase in federal excise taxes on cigarettes, reported Radio Iowa.

If the proposed increase goes forward, there will be an increase in theft of cigarettes, which creates safety concerns for convenience store employees, predicted Dawn Carlson, president of the association.

"Our main concern is to make sure that these individuals are operating and working in a safe environment so that adds more expense for our businesses," she told Radio Iowa. As a result of the increase, stores will have to hire more staff, increase security measures and install more security cameras, she added.

In addition, convenience stories have taken a hit since the state cigarette tax increased by a dollar a pack in mid-March, Carlson said. Adding another 61 cents in increased federal taxes would dampen sales more and decrease tax revenue, according to Carlson.

"They're going to see the impact of that and it's not going to be good," she told Radio Iowa.