Iowa Man Embarks on 30-Day 'Gas Station Diet'

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Iowa Man Embarks on 30-Day 'Gas Station Diet'


DES MOINES, Iowa — The convenience channel has been working hard toward dispelling its alleged unhealthy image. Now, one Iowa resident is out to prove people can be healthy when eating at a convenience store/gas station every day. 

According to a report by WPTV, Frank Beard of Des Moines is trying a 30-day diet that entails only eating food purchased at a gas station, in a bid to prove you can be healthy while on a road trip.

While traveling for work, the self-professed, health-conscious dieter is sharing his path to weight loss on his blog and Instagram page.

"I currently eat out four to five days a week since I travel for work. I fly around the United States and work in all sorts of environments. This means I eat at restaurants, gas stations — whatever's available. And while I worried at first that it would negatively affect my health, I've found it to be quite easy," Beard wrote on his blog. 

"Most restaurants have healthy options on the menu, and even places like Panda Express make it possible to get a heaping pile of steamed vegetables and brown rice. As for gas stations, have you even been to Sheetz, Wawa or QuikTrip? They’re fantastic establishments. As an active endurance athlete, I feel confident, healthy and fully capable to engage in my training," he added.

About halfway through his 30-day diet, Beard reports he has lost three pounds, according to the news broadcast.

"Gas stations can be really difficult. It's easy around here [Iowa], but some states just don't have any good gas stations. So, I thought, 'That's what I'll do, for 30 days. I'll eat food only from gas stations, and I'll track everything on MyFitnessPal to show that I'm still healthy,'" he told the news outlet.