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iPaystation and Partner

GARDNER, Mass. -- iPayStation and partnered and have fully integrated iPayStation’s domestic and international Mobile Top-Up services for direct to consumer online Web portal, the companies reported. is an online aggregator of prepaid wireless airtime services both here in the U.S. and a growing number of international markets providing online consumers with an alternative option to purchase airtime refills online 24/7.

"We continue to execute on our strategy to grow the number of international markets where we can provide our customers with a quick and easy process to add funds to their prepaid mobile account, but more importantly providing a simple solution enabling our customers to purchase airtime for friends and family members mobile accounts back home," said Mark Flanagan, president of PrepaidWireless. "We are excited about our partnership with iPayStation and the ability this partnership provides in allowing us to continue to grow our international footprint of markets we can serve providing airtime replenishment services direct from our online web portal."

The partnership between the two companies will make it faster, easier and more secure for consumers worldwide to replenish wireless accounts for family, friends or themselves instantly online, the companies reported.

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