Javalution Takes Coffee-To-Go Concept Further

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Javalution Takes Coffee-To-Go Concept Further

Javalution Coffee, maker of premium gourmet coffees, is introducing a new line of coffees in self-heating, single-serve containers, Brandweek reported.

"We think the self-heating containers will revolutionize the way people eat. People are spending more and more time on the go, commuting, in the car, always en route to somewhere," said Gill Cuffy, director of marketing at Javalution. "No one has access to a microwave on the go. So now, you press a button on the container and minutes later, you have a steaming cup of coffee wherever you happen to be."

The Fort Lauderdale coffee maker markets the JavaFit brand, a line of coffees with health benefits, including mental clarity (JavaFit Mind), energy booster (JavaFit Energy), fat-burner (JavaFit Burn and Extreme Burn) and pleasure enhancer (JavaFit Pleasure).

Launching early next year, Javalution will first offer JavaFit Burn and JavaFit Burn Extreme in the 10-ounce self-heat containers and will later phase in its calcium and vitamin-fortified coffees. Retailing for about $2.39 each, the container is shelf-stable, does not require refrigeration prior to opening and is specially designed to keep beverages, soups and even baby food hot for up to 30 minutes.

It has three main components: the plastic cup, an inner plastic cone and the actuating "puck." The inner cone holds the mineral calcium oxide or "quicktime," which is used in the heating process, and the outer container body holds the product. The puck, which holds the water, fits inside the cone and is sealed by a tamper-proof metal end. It heats to about 145 degrees Fahrenheit in minutes. The container fits in auto cup-holders.

Javalution hopes to mimic the success of Wolfgang Puck's four-SKU gourmet latte brand, which launched in Kroger's and a few Target stores in January. Target plans to roll out Puck's brand at all stores nationwide, according to Dan Gibbs, co-inventor and vice president of business development for OnTech Delaware, the San Diego-based company that invented the container, which took 11 years and $45 million to develop.

"Starbuck's has proven that folks are willing to pay a premium price for premium coffee. Not only are they gourmet brands, but now Puck and JavaFit can deliver the ultimate convenience and portability," said Gibbs.