Kangaroo Express Offers Free Drink Refills for a Lucky 13

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Kangaroo Express Offers Free Drink Refills for a Lucky 13



CHARLESTON, S.C. -- The number 13 will be lucky for members of the local community here today. That's because Kangaroo Express is hosting its Flag Day "Roo Run" event throughout town. Thirteen Roo Run cups have been hidden for consumers to discover. The lucky people who unearth the cups from their hiding places will receive free refills all summer long.

How do members of the community know where to look for the cups? Kangaroo Express' Facebook site provides clues at http://www.facebook.com/notes/kangaroo-express/clues-for-charleston-sc-flag-day-roo-run/175117105882203.

The significance of hiding 13 cups is in honor of the 13 stripes on the American flag representing the original 13 colonies.

Kangaroo Express, the primary operating banner of The Pantry Inc., is also hoping customers who save money on the free-refill drinks will donate a portion of their savings to its Salute Our Troops campaign. The chain hopes to raise $1 million through Labor Day.

According to the company, all funds raised will directly support the efforts of the USO, Wounded Warrior project and state-based non-profit organizations that support the National Guard.