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Krispy Kreme Looks to Sweeten Sales

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Corp. says it is testing a new machine that will help expand sales of its sweet product into smaller stores.

Krispy Kreme said the machine is smaller than the current conveyor process and cooks and glazes dough prepared at a larger store. Company officials said the new machine will open sales opportunities in areas that don't have enough population to support a 4,000-square-foot factory store.

The machinery also can be used in convenience stores, airports and other areas that lack enough space. Krispy Kreme will look initially to open its own smaller stores or kiosks, said Stan Parker, senior vice president of marketing.

Scott Livengood, Krispy Kreme chairman and president, said the new technology came from two years of research and development. The company, which operates 750 freestanding stores in the United States, is preparing to open test markets for the smaller store concept and will reveal the locations later this year.
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