Kwik Trip Associates Become Heroes

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Kwik Trip Associates Become Heroes

WAUKESHA, Wis. -- A typical morning for two Kwik Trip store associates here became anything but recently when they helped save a family and their neighbors from a fire, local television station TMJ4 reported.

Store associate Tammy Schultz was on break outside the store when she noticed suspicious activity across the road.

"I was having a quick smoke before we opened. I happened to notice some guy throw a match onto the garage and started to light it up," Schultz told the station. She saw flames shoot up and the man duck down and run.

Schultz' co-worker, Nancy Sprague, joined her across the street at the duplex.

"We both ran over there to see the garage was on fire," Schultz said.

The women called 911, but knew the adults and small children inside the duplex weren't awake. The two went between the flames and duplex, banging on the walls and screaming to the residents inside to get out.

"The smoke was so bad and the fire was really high over there and it was spreading," Sprague told the station.

"We felt the heat on the back, and I thought I was gonna start on fire," Schultz said.

"It feels good, very good to just help people," Sprague told the station.