Kwik Trip Manager Loses Bet, Wears Dress

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Kwik Trip Manager Loses Bet, Wears Dress

ROCHESTER, Minn. -- The strange looks given to Kwik Trip general manager Ed Houser by customers recently as he manned the cash register at his store here may have been warranted -- considering he was wearing a blond wig and pastel-colored ballgown with a feather collar, the Post-Bulletin reported.

But it wasn't by choice that Houser spent the day as a prom queen. The ensemble was the wager he bet against, if his 20 stores employees sold 300 slices of pizza in one day. Another wager was having Houser shave his head, but dressing in drag was employees' favorite, the report stated.

The bet started approximately a month ago, when Kwik Trip stores in the area were having a "focus day," where each store focuses on selling one item. The focus for that $1 pizza slices, according to the report.

"I'm getting a lot of strange looks," Houser told the paper while employees explained the bet to curious shoppers.

It took nearly a month to carry out the bet, Houser told the paper, because "It took a long time to find a dress that would fit."

And next time, Houser will be more careful in his choices.

"Next time, I'll shave my head," he said while ringing up a sale.