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Lakehead Oil Partners with PDI

Lakehead Oil Co., which operates 16 convenience stores in Minnesota and Wisconsin, entered into an agreement to outsource its automation needs to Temple, Texas-based PDI/InfoServe, the outsourcing division of Professional Datasolutions, Inc. beginning August 1.

Tom Tracy, vice president of Lakehead Oil, said PDI/InfoServe would provide services such as fuel inventory, management reporting, merchandise inventory, payroll, manager training, reconciliations, tax filing preparation, and system administration.

"We came to the point in our daily operations that in order to grow as a company, store automation was the inevitable next step. Because we are only a 16-store chain, we needed a solution that was affordable, yet effective," Tracy said. "By outsourcing our data processing and
accounting information services to PDI/InfoServe, we will be able to implement the reliability of PDI software, with the added convenience of their total system administration."

Like many smaller oil companies, Lakehead Oil was faced with the challenge of reducing costs while implementing innovative solutions to increase its productivity. PDI is able to
offer Lakehead Oil several alternatives to meet these challenges, including software licensing, outsourcing of data processing and accounting information services, or leasing the software using PDI's application service provider (ASP).

"In the end, Lakehead Oil determined their best strategy was to focus on their core competency of managing their stores and allowing PDI/InfoServe to provide knowledge of software and industry experience for accounting and management information solutions," said Scott Lambert, director of outsourcing services for PDI.
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