Local Competition Fumes over Sheetz Beer Sales

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Local Competition Fumes over Sheetz Beer Sales

ALTOONA, Pa.-- Beer retailers here are concerned that if the Sheetz convenience restaurant here is permitted to sell beer, they will not be able to hold up against the competition, local television station WJAC reported.

The Sheetz convenience store here has resumed the sale of beer earlier this week, six months after the first attempt into the category was ended by the state, the report stated. Sheetz filed an appeal against a measure to stop selling beer, and until a judge decides if its liquor license is invalid, the store will be allowed to sell beer, the station reported.

In a separate report by WJAC, Sheetz officials said they expect a lengthy legal battle, but are thrilled to be back in the beer business. The final decision could be anywhere from six months to a year away, but until that time, Sheetz' adult customers can purchase six- and 12-packs of beer to go.

Although beer sales are only allowed at one location currently, some business owners told the station it will have a ripple effect, allowing Sheetz and other convenience stores to sell beer, then eventually grocery stores as well, the report stated.

In addition, many locations close to the Sheetz store said it would eventually shut their businesses down completely.