Locali Eco-Convenience Store's Expands Sustainable Deli

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- Locali Conscious Convenience, which caters to vegans and omnivores, as well as those with gluten and soy allergies, has expanded its menu of soups, salads and sandwiches.

Inspired by in-person satisfaction and positive online dialogues from customers about Locali's fresh sandwiches, co-owner Greg Horos along with his wife and business partner, Melissa Rosen, worked with Locali's chef and deli manager, Heather Joy Morrison, to add a mix of panini and cold sandwiches to the store's offer. The sandwiches feature Applegate Farms meats, rBGH-free cheeses and organicproduce on locally baked breads. The store also sells an array of vegan sandwiches, including tempeh meatball subs, vegan BLTs and faux rosemary chicken salad sandwiches.

All sandwiches can be made with gluten-free bread to accommodate those with celiac concerns.

Also on the expanded menu: savory soups, organic salads made with organic produce, gluten-free wraps, loaded baked potatoes, smoothies and a variety of breakfast options.

"We're not giving lip service to quality," Horos said in a statement. "Melissa, and I source the best ingredients for our patrons and you truly can taste the difference."

The store is selling half sandwiches for less than $5.
"We're committed to a sustainable business model that puts community involvement and customer value first," Rosen said.

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