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Lottery Perks May Arrive to North Carolina C-stores

RALEIGH -- In an effort to better promote the North Carolina lottery to convenience store customers, the state lottery commission earlier this week agreed to begin a program that gives store owners cash payments for selling winning jackpot tickets, the News & Observer reported.

The state sells lottery tickets through more than 6,000 retail locations, and retailers already receive 7 cents for every dollar spent on lottery tickets, which will continue, according to the report.

The cash incentive for a jackpot ticket is something present in other states, and North Carolina store owners frequently request, said Shaheen.

A jackpot Powerball ticket would be worth $50,000, while a jackpot prize in Carolina Cash 5 would be worth between $1,000 and $10,000. Incentives are also designed to encourage suggestive selling of more tickets and upselling $1 tickets to $2 multipliers.

"We want retailers to be sure they explain the option of the multiplier," he said. "We want them to say, 'Have you bought a Powerball ticket today?'"

But the incentive will only work if store owners agree to share the cash with the clerks, said Sandy Starr, who operates a Rose Mart in Wilson, N.C.

"If you're working for a chain store, do you really think they're going to give them anything?" Starr told the paper. "[The lottery commission] really should make some kind of a stipulation that the employees get it, too."
Starr said she intends to share incentives with her employees.

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