Love's Expands Tire Maintenance Services

OKLAHOMA CITY — Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores added the full-service tire inflation system TirePass to 75 of its locations across the country. TirePass is designed to inflate tires automatically while drivers fuel up, allowing them to stay on the road longer by catching problems before they occur.

"Customers have been asking for more tire maintenance services that don't add time to their stops," said Dan Jensen, director of tire sales and service for Love's. "TirePass provides a crucial service without tacking on downtime. It's a safety tool that can keep customers on the road by detecting problems ahead of time. The best part is it's all done while the driver fuels [up]."

Trained technicians hook up truck and/or trailer tires to the automatic inflators stationed around vehicles in the designated TirePass fueling lane. Tread depth and pressure are measured and recorded while the driver fuels, and tires are inflated to the desired pressure if necessary. Flow-through valve caps are used to maximize drivers' experience.

All drivers receive immediate reports showing the status of their tires, according to the announcement. Fleets have the capability to receive monthly reports with analyses on all assessments performed throughout the month.

"Customers can use TirePass as a tool to help them monitor tire life," Jensen said. "Understanding how tires are wearing will help drivers and fleet managers learn how to maximize use."

Fleets and drivers who take advantage of TirePass prior to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's International Roadcheck, which is scheduled to take place June 2-4, may be able to avoid tire- and wheel-related out-of-service violations, Love's said. Tires and wheels accounted for nearly 14 percent of violations in 2014.

TirePass will be available at all Love's locations that have Truck Tire Care centers by August.

Oklahoma City-based Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores has more than 340 locations in 40 states.

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