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Love's Travel Stops Gains Approval for New Site

ALBERT LEA, Minn. -- The Albert Lea city council received a request from Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores Inc. to build a convenience store and fueling station along I-35, and after a unanimous vote, approved the re-zoning of a nine-acre piece of land along the highway, hoping to bring growth to the community, reported KAAL-TV.

The land is located in a portion of the city known as Government Acres and Trails Travel Center is located right across the street from the future Love's truckstop. Several residents who live in the area were at the meeting voicing their concerns about bringing another truckstop into the area.

"This is about growth and development and not about trying to kick anyone out of their homes," said Al Brooks, a council member.

The new truckstop is estimated to employ 40 to 45 people, according to the report.

"What I'd like residents to realize is that when we come in, we actually raise property value and utilities come in because of us," said Frank Ille, spokesperson for Love's Travel Stops.

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