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Low-Carb Diet Falls in Ratings

NEW YORK -- Weight Watchers and Slim-Fast beat out carb counting when it comes to long-term weight loss, according to a recent analysis of diets by Consumer Reports magazine.

The publication put the two well-known diet brands ahead of low-carb diets, with ratings based on pounds lost, nutrition, how easy the diet was to follow and dropout rates after six months to a year.

Despite low-carb diets dominating headlines in the last few years, the highest marks went to Weight Watchers, which uses the simple philosophy of “eat less and exercise more.” Slim-Fast ranked second, with the high-protein “Zone” diet coming in third.

Atkins, which has been the leader in the low-carb diet, got good scores for short-term weight loss, but landed at the bottom because of poor marks on retention and nutrition.

The report, which came out in the magazine's June issue, said the Atkins diet calls for too much fat and saturated fat, and too little fruits and fiber.

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