Mackenthun's Launches Nutrition Scoring Via Signage, Mobile App


Mackenthun's Fine Foods is rolling out a suite of innovative nutrition tools aimed at helping shoppers make better decisions about the food they buy. Through a partnership with ShopWell, a personalized nutrition app, shoppers in Mackenthun's will be able to learn about the health benefits of foods, find healthier alternatives for their nutrition goals, and avoid allergens.

"Nutrition is a key part of our Health and Wellness Program," said Ed Gardeski, GM at Mackenthun's. "The nutritional requirements of our shoppers are more diverse than ever and we are committed to helping them develop eating habits tailored to enhance their health and wellbeing without sacrificing the quality and flavor they have come to expect from Mackenthun's."

ShopWell's patented personalized nutrition scoring algorithm was developed and is maintained by Registered Dietitians based on USDA guidelines and the latest nutrition research. It takes into consideration the age group and gender of an individual as well as his or her health goals, preferences and food allergies. By cross-referencing the ingredients in food products with an individual's unique profile, ShopWell instantly generates a personalized nutrition score that indicates whether the food is a good fit. 

"Nutritional requirements can vary drastically from person to person," advised Lara Felton, dietitian at ShopWell. "The best way to prevent and control conditions like high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis, and diabetes is through diet but nutrition recommendations become very confusing when you have multiple conditions coupled with allergies."

The ShopWell nutrition score will also be printed out on shelf labels to help those who don't have the ShopWell app. Although it's not personalized, the score allows shoppers to quickly compare the relative health benefits of similar products while in the grocery aisle.

According to ShopWell, health and nutrition is increasingly more important in the shopping behaviors of grocery store patrons. Baby Boomers are starting to place more importance on preventing or controlling conditions like high blood pressure, osteoporosis and diabetes. And Generation X is looking for healthier alternatives as high-profile food scares escalate.

Additionally, Millennials are getting to the age where their metabolism is slowing down and a junk food diet is no longer an option—and are increasingly turning to technology for help. Mackenthun's is now able to serve each of these segments by giving them the tools and product selection to take control of their health and wellness goals. 

Family-owned and operated Mackenthun's Fine Foods serves the Waconia and the surrounding communities in Minnesota.

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