Majority of C-store Shoppers Willing to Use Mobile Wallets

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. -- Widespread acceptance of mobile wallet payments by convenience store customers may come sooner than expected, according to results of a new mobile survey conducted by market research firm Paradigm Sample. Survey data shows that 71 percent of c-store customers would be willing to pay for items using a mobile payment system on their smartphones and tablets.

"Increasing consumer receptivity, and a greater sense of security when using their mobile devices for financial transactions, has radically shifted," stated Sima Vasa, president of Paradigm Sample. "C-store shoppers are already comfortable making online purchases, so using their mobile phones as a mobile wallet just doesn't faze them."

Mobile financial activity has increased overall, according to Paradigm. Along with shopping and checking bank balances online, consumers are also making more use of other financial features available on mobile phones.

"In the convenience-store setting, mobile wallets can only expedite the shopping experience and provide even more convenience to consumers," Vasa added. "Even so, while c-store shoppers are already willing to use mobile technology to purchase products there is a ways to go before the technology, security, and mobile-wallet infrastructure catches up to consumer demand."

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