Mansfield Oil Launches ColdPro

DENVER -- This winter, customers already saved more than $4.4 million with Mansfield ColdPro, the first cold flow solution with national scope, and a comprehensive solution for national fleets hurt by high winter fuel costs, the company reported.

Compared to the cost of using No. 1 diesel or kerosene, companies who use Mansfield ColdPro can save from 10 to 30 cents per gallon on their winter diesel fuel, according to the company. The new program has been welcomed by more than 200 customers including PepsiCo and Allied Waste, according to the company.

"ColdPro is a national approach to optimizing your winter fleet fueling costs," Mark Mixon, program director at Mansfield Oil, said in a statement. "We have validated the program in the harshest conditions with our beta clients, and they saw savings between 10 and 30 cents per gallon. ColdPro also improves octane, so engines start more easily and run more reliably in subzero weather."

Commercial and government fleets operating in conditions below 15 degrees Fahrenheit face challenges as diesel fuel gels and clogs fuel filters. Local fuel managers use a host of solutions to mitigate the problem, from fuel heaters to cold flow additives and large diameter fuel filters.

The Mansfield ColdPro program achieves success because of its unique chemistry, which is matched to the specific pipeline and terminal fuel specifications in each market area, the company reported.

"We profile the conditions that each fleet operates within, taking into consideration temperatures, weather patterns, weather emergencies, altitude and other factors that affect performance. Then based on these local factors, we create a custom cold weather diesel fuel that's cost effective and reliable," said Mixon. ColdPro maintains quality with monthly performance tuning, tank monitoring, routine sampling and testing program, and 24/7 personal support for fleet managers and operators.
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